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Why Go to an Agency for seeking Jobs Abroad?

If you are interested in a career abroad in the country of your choice, it is necessary for you to sustain yourself and in some cases to clear legal formalities to stay in that country. The idea of living in a foreign country and working there is attractive but it also requires proper planning and preparations. Pama international is provides Hr consulting services in Mumbai.

Yes, visiting job fairs will directly get you connected with employers and recruiters. Staying tuned to your Facebook and LinkedIn feed for abroad job webinars, career fairs and walk-ins in your city can also help. However, this approach will need a lot of patience and perseverance.

You can always take the help of professional job consultants to land a job abroad. Consultants provide expert assistance and guidance; however, their services often come at a price. However, one must be careful of a fake overseas recruitment agency. Avoid calls frantically made to you for a paid service. We suggest running a check on the consultancy reviews online, asking friends and reading up about it on social media, consumer forums and other authentic websites.


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1. Free Job Assistance
Finding a job abroad is a lot of hard work, and it can be difficult to know where to start looking for. Wouldn’t it be great to have assistance in finding a job that suits you the best?

2. Application Advice
Wouldn’t you prefer knowing if there was something missing with your application? Several good recruiters give you the advice to make yourself a stronger applicant. They may suggest restructuring your resume, creating a short introduction video, or tips for the interview. Any advice helps, especially when it comes from experts who are very experienced with the abroad landscape.

3. Visa Assistance
For many countries, the visa procedure can be very difficult. Take China, for instance, they recently instituted a new degree authentication policy which has left many schools and prospective teachers wandering their heads. Recruiting agencies will help walk you through the procedures, and will make sure your entire visa documents are in order.

But then again, how can one trust their recruiter?

You should never trust anybody blindly in the initial, do a bit of your own homework. Some recruiters are very ethical and only work with the best schools while there are others who are willing to work with whichever schools offer the biggest paychecks, regardless of quality.

Surely, you don’t want to get conned into signing a contract with a fake school, so how do you make sure you can really trust your recruiter?

1. Lookout for recruiter reviews online
Found an awesome recruiter? Your recruiter or recruiting agency should have some sort of reviews online on the internet. Check for official websites and client testimonials.

2. Find a recruiter through a friend
Did your friend get help from a really good recruiter? Ask around for references and recommendations. Communicating among friends is the best way to get a trustworthy recommendation.

3. Research the firm your recruiter suggests
Repeating it again, DO NOT blindly trust any recruiter in the beginning. It’s always best to do a background check on the organization that your recruiter suggests. Research the firm online, or even visit in person if possible.

4. Remember, you don’t have to sign!
If something doesn’t feel right, you can always walk away. If you don’t like your organization preferred or the recruiter, you can back out at any time.

Overall, recruiters are just one piece of a greater puzzle when it comes to a career abroad. Feel free to apply on job boards, work with corporate recruiters or find a freelance recruiter. Recruiters are a great resource to help you seek jobs abroad, but you do not owe them anything. So choose wisely! Always feel free to get with us, PAMA International, one of the most authentic and value aided recruiters who help to seek your dream job!

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