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We at PAMA International believe the trends are constantly changing. What the recruiters look for, and the way that candidates try to get their consideration, are ever-evolving. So if you don’t keep up, you might be left behind.

By taking the time to redefine your resume, you are increasing the odds that it will make you stand out from the rest. Take a look at some tips to resume design ideas that will help you rise to the top.

1) Choose the perfect font


Remember the details matter. Using a different font can be a simple way to make your resume stand out from the crowd of Arial and Times New Roman fonts. There is no correct or incorrect font when it comes to resumes, but here are a few basic guidelines that one should keep in mind:


  • Make sure that the font you use is legible both on a screen and in print. Keep font sizes between 11 and 13 points. Any font-size smaller than that has risks of becoming illegible.
  • Be consistent while using different font sizes. For instance, all headers should be the same size as all body text should be.
  • Sans serif fonts allow the entire resume to be read with much more fluidity than a traditional “professional” resume.
  • Avoid using Comic Sans. Not only is it widely despised by people in the design industry, but it also gives off a childlike vibe.
  • Don’t be afraid to use two different fonts. Combining fonts creates a distinct style and help the resume describe the applicant’s career and personality in a way that words cannot.


2) Add visual emphasis to your contact info


If you want the recruiters to get in touch with you, make it easy for them to do so.

  • Make sure the contact section is visually outstanding by placing it at the top of the page. If you’re submitting the résumé online, include a live link for your email address. Considering the industry you are applying to, it may also be valuable to include live links to social media profiles.
  • Use Icons. Both chic and effective, icons are one of the best ways to make your contact information look more prominent.
  • Use white space. If you’re going for a more professional or minimalistic approach with your resume, use space to make your contact information more pronounced.
  • Use colour. One of the simplest ways to draw a resume reader’s eye to your contact information is through the use of colour. This can mean sectioning off the contact information and using a different (complimentary) background colour.

The key point is to make the contact info stand out but not in a way that is distracting to the reader.


3) Make content skimmable


 Research studies states that HR or recruiters will spend about 6 – 8 seconds on a resume. Make the most of those valuable seconds by ensuring that your resume is skimmable.

  • Use columns. Columns help you to fit in a lot of info without making the design look too-congested or pushing your resume to more than 1 page. They also help make your resume look more skimmable—leading to a higher chance of consideration.
  • Your resume will look more visually appealing if you divide it up into two columns that are of different sizes. In short, a smaller column can highlight few of your most remarkable achievements, while a larger column can list more detailed data such as job responsibilities or description.
  • Format the content. Use headings and relevant subheadings. Include bullet points for longer descriptions. Keep it brief as far as possible, and leave relatively some white space on the page so it doesn’t appear overwhelmingly messy.

Remember that sometimes less is more.


4) Follow industry norms


The type of position you’re applying for should influence your resume design.

If you’re applying for a position in publishing, consider using a classic font-style. Creative job? Consider adding some colourful elements to a print resume or even whipping up a digital resume to really showcase your skills in action. If you’re applying for a role administration, you may be better off without unconventional design elements. Multiple jobs? Create different resumes depending on the job profiles.

The end goal is to create subtle touches to creativity and innovative thinking without going far beyond the bounds of normalcy that you turn off you potential employers.


5) Use the right file type


  • You can always invest hours in designing the perfect resume, but it won’t serve its purpose if saved in the wrong format. Always save your resume as PDF so there’s no risk of the formatting getting messed up when it’s opened by your HR.
  • Also, don’t ignore your filename! Simply using the word “resume” can convey a lack of attention to detail. Try including your first and last name and the word “resume”; and if possible include the company’s name in the file name. This conveys thoughtfulness from your side for hiring managers.

human resource consulting-Pama international

Next stop: hired!


Investing the time and effort to create a well-designed resume custom to a specific job at a specific company takes its own time. A cautiously designed resume that is pleasant to the recruiter’s eye and effectively features your achievements (and also a little bit of your personality) will extensively increase the possibilities that your resume will be shortlisted.

PAMA International HR Consulting Services is a government licensed agency with over 30 years of experience in recruitment business. Our motto is to send candidates which can be a reason for the company to grow and be a mutual benefit for the client and the company.

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